2012 · October 2012

Ooo, new shoes! – 26.10.2012

We’ve had a lovely half term week.
DM has been to cheerleading camp this morning and while she was there, I took R, P and Aj to Fosse Park to get R&P’s feet measured. Knowing that I was ‘nipping’ into the shops, I took the back carrier to carry Aj in; allowing R&P to walk with me holding their hands.
R&P were fantastic, they happily strolled through the shops and loved looking around. They had their feet measured and I then took them over to the display to choose a pair of trainers each. Aj was giggling away in the back carrier, smiling at everyone that paid her attention. Ruby was adamant that Penny wanted the pink trainers, and after much deliberation (all of 10 seconds), Penny chose the pink trainers. Thankfully Ruby chose a different pair of trainers; we then had to wait for their trainers to be brought down.
Unfortunately the one’s that Ruby Penny had chosen were out of stock. Not wanting to cause a scene with having one child with trainers and another child without, I decided to leave without trainers at all. We took a wander and went into another shop.
Whilst Ruby & I were looking at trainers, Penny had found a display stand of boxer shorts. Like a cheeky little lady she was stood pointing and laughing at the poster of the naked torso of a man wearing boxer shorts. “Look Mummy, Daddy’s boobies – ha ha – chocolate boobies” (referring to the man’s nipples). Yes, thank you Penny, I can hear you and yes, you are shouting loud enough, now please, step away from the display. 😊 Thankfully, the shop was quiet and there wasn’t anyone in ear shot – bless her cotton ones!
Ruby spotted the trainers that she wanted, but again Penny would not decide. I chose for her this time and asked for 3 different trainers for her.
Having twins often can often make an ordinarily challenging situation, an extra stressful situation; and yes to be honest, I was probably being overly optimistic in expecting R&P to thoroughly enjoy every minute and be well behaved. However, full credit to them both and Aj; as they were all well behaved, patient and amusing. The shop staff on the other hand clearly weren’t being employed for their customer service skills. What’s that? Sorry, is me asking for 5 pairs of shoes interrupting your daydreaming or gossiping?! I didn’t realise you’re being paid to stand around and watch me struggle to get trainers on a two year old, whilst having a baby on my back and another two year old to entertain. Do I really look like I’m in a fit state to run out of the shop with your stock? Stupid Ass!!
R&P were so well behaved that they deserved a special treat and as such, they were bought some new trainers – with a special pair of trainers for DM too. As it was, all 3 pairs cost less from this one shop than the two from the other shop.
All four girls have made me proud this week with their behaviour when we have been out and about. They have been polite, well mannered and caring towards each other. Almost everyone that has walked past us, sat near us or saw us pass, has either passed comment “blimey you’ve got your hands-full”, “are they all yours?”, “did you want four girls?” or they have stared at us (one to the point of walking into someone else).
It certainly has been a wonderful week with my girls; I really do love them dearly!

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