2012 · October 2012

Dear Friend …….. 25.10.2012

Dear Friend,

This is me, this is my family……..

I am me; I am a wife to my best friend of 16 years. I love him with all my heart and my soul; we are one. We have a difference in interests, opinions and beliefs. I might moan from time to time about silly little things that bother me about him, but we are both far from perfect and are a work in progress.
I am a Mummy to four beautiful, intelligent and breath-taking little girls; they are my life. I will move mountains if that is what they need me to do. I do get tired; they are entertaining, they are constant, they are loving and they are children. They try my patience; they test my strengths and they seek my weaknesses. I do have my hands-full and I have my arms full of cuddles and a heart brimming with love.
I have a soul sister, she is the one who knows me best. I have no secrets from her, tell her no lies and I have absolute respect for her. I miss her like crazy and I will talk about her to anyone that will listen.
I like to make people happy, I will go out of my way to help those around me. If you need something and I know someone who could help, I will sort it.
To you, I will be a good friend. I will listen when you need to talk, I will hold your hand when you need strength and I will sit when you need silence. If you’re having a tough time, and I can help – I promise I will do my best to help you. I will not gossip about your secrets or create untrue rumours. I will think about you every day, I will hope you are well and I will hope you are happy.
I won’t be able to call, text or visit you every day. I will not be malicious, unkind or vengeful.
I will talk about you to my other friends; I will be telling them about your great qualities and how I am happy to have you in my life.
From time to time, I will miss you and miss the feeling of happiness I have when I’m around you. This is not a bad thing; it shows that you make me happy when I’m with you.
I will want you to be a part of my life, to join in with celebrations, occasions and other moments of my day. I will notice the times you’ve been with me and there will be a void at the times you weren’t there.
I may from time to time upset you – that’s ok. I’m not perfect – I am different. I have different beliefs, morals, standards, feelings and opinions to you. No-one is to blame, neither one of us is right or wrong – we are different. I may overstep the mark, I might be forgetful and if in doing that I hurt you, I am sorry.
I ask that you tell me when I have hurt or upset you.
I often speak my mind, I take on too much and set myself ridiculous tasks, and yet I do it all with a smile.
Please respect me for who I am, understand that I am me and know that I will support you for who you are to me.
Thank you for being a friend, you make my life a happier one. xxxxx

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