2012 · October 2012

Limelight – 08.10.2012

Here we are, at Monday again. Life feels like it’s passing so quickly. I tucked my baby girl up into bed tonight and as I watched her settle, her eyes instantly rest as she relaxed into her bed; it dawned on me that my baby girl will be 9 months old this month. 9 months!! Where on earth have those 9 months gone? They seem to have rushed past me without hesitation.

I am very lucky, I can look through my photographs and my blog journals and remember what has happened in my year and more; I can remember the fantastic friends I have, the amazing friendships I have made and the most incredible family I have around me.

Being a mum of four beautiful girls, I am kept extremely busy. I want to be sure that our girls are aided with the best possible opportunities in life available to them.

Today, I took DM swimming, (Peach normally takes her, so it’s a treat for me to go instead). She has a fear of the deep end and panics that she can’t stand up properly. We’ve been working really hard with her swimming instructor to help DM with her fear, and today DM hit a milestone! With a little bit of encouragement (the promise of a nice pudding), DM jumped in at the deep end, swam an entire length without stopping or putting her feet down and without holding on to the rails at the side of the pool. I am so proud of her! 😁 And her chosen treat was a chocolate milkshake from the shops. 😊

Do you ever find yourself pushing so hard to achieve something, that you forget your initial intentions?

Tonight has been a night where I can remember my intentions. I want to be a great Mum to my children, a good wife and daughter to be proud of and to be known as a caring and trustworthy friend. These are not something for me to achieve; they are for me to maintain. That’s my path…..

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