2012 · September 2012

Nanny Choochie-Face visits – 12.09.2012

We did the usual walk to school this morning, but DM practically ran the whole way there. She’s going through an independent stage at the moment. I say independent in the way that she knows what she wants to do and it’s not what I’m asking her to do! I ask her once and she ignores me, then I ask her again and she responds with “in a minute”, and it just goes on and on from there. Quite often ending with me getting cross and her having something taken off her. And that’s what happened this morning. I asked DM to get up; she didn’t want to. I asked her to get up by the time that I had got R&P up. I went in to her after getting R&P undressed and ready for their wash and she was sat reading (up out of bed which I thanked her for). I then asked her to get into the bathroom to get washed and she ignored me. I asked again and she said “I don’t want to”, I explained that we all have washes in the morning and she has an exciting school day ahead of her and yes, she still argued with me. In the end, I told her that she couldn’t scooter to school.
Credit where credit’s due though, she kept up the normal pace all the way to school (1 1/2 miles) with only a couple of whinges of “I’m bored”
Ruby still didn’t seem quite right this morning. After being at a friends house for 30 mins, her hands and feet still felt very cold to the touch. A visit to the doctors it was: she has either a virus or Scarlet Fever. The doctor suggested to air on the side of caution and has prescribed her penicillin. Bless, Ruby does look very sorry for herself. She was complaining of her mouth hurting when she was eating her lunch. I think the salt from the crisps were stinging her chapped lips.
Penny seems to have come alive while Ruby has been poorly. It’s almost as if she feels the need to talk for two people. Penny is constantly telling me “my a good girl”.
I spoke to Peach during the day and told him about my morning and I’m sure he thinks that I’m exaggerating DM’s behaviour. When he got home he went to talk to DM to find out if she was ok. However, what he didn’t notice was that the television was on. DM completely ignored him and when he did get her attention she was rude to him too. I know that it’s more likely to be a phase she’s going through and I know I’ve got another three little ladies to go through it with again, but right here, right now…. it’s tiring and emotionally draining. I question myself constantly; am I being too hard on her? is it something I’m doing? am I expecting too much?. I am
conscious that her behaviour is constantly watched and copied by R&P, whether it’s good or bad.
We had Auntie CarCar and Nanny Choochie Face join us for dinner tonight. The girls loved having them with us and Nanny seemed to enjoy spending time with them. It must seem like we’re constant noise, commotion and chaos in comparison to her days. We’re a family of 6: 2 adults and four children that range from the ages of 7 months to 5 years. Nanny is 94 years old, lives on her own and has one daughter who lives overseas. I wouldn’t be surprised if when we visit her, she feels we’re a whirlwind 😊
Ashleigh showed Nanny her eating capabilities tonight by eating her dinner, then a breadstick, then eating R&P’s cauliflower & broccoli and then finishing off with some of my ice-cream!! It really is no wonder she’s the chubba she is 😉
I managed to get an hour to myself tonight to go to my twin mum exercise class. There is a lovely group of us; we have all been through a twin pregnancy and all want to loose our baby weight. Some of the moves we do require co-ordination (which I seriously lack!), never-the-less, we have a giggle and a workout :o). – That and I feel I deserve to munch my chocolate in the day knowing that I’ll be doing the swag-a later on 😉

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