2012 · September 2012

Stroppy Saturday – 01.09.2012

I had a tough night last night with Ashleigh 😢 I finally managed to get her to sleep at 1.39am this morning. I’m pretty sure it’s teething, but it’s so hard as a parent to comfort a baby when they are teething. You want to talk them through the pain. Cuddle and hold them tight, absorb their pain and tell them everything is ok. But as a baby they don’t understand, they don’t want you sticking your finger in their mouth while it’s throbbing with pain. They don’t want to swallow the pink syrup (Calpol) and they certainly don’t care that their siblings are fast asleep in the bedrooms next door.
Thankfully, once she was asleep at stupid past late, Ashleigh stayed asleep for the rest of the night.
Peach and I had a bit of a grump before bed last night and because of that, I went to sleep in a bad mood. I have always promised myself that I won’t go to bed on an argument. All worries and woes should be sorted before going to sleep. My reason for this is because the sister of a family friend (when I was young) went to bed one night and didn’t wake up the following morning. She was in her early 30’s; I can’t remember what exactly it was that she died of, but I remember the family being upset about their last words to her. Since then, I have tried to ensure that the last words before going to sleep, before hanging up the phone and when saying goodbye are “I love you”, and this applies to my husband, my children, my parents and my family.
Waking up this morning, knowing that I had gone against one of my own principles really annoyed me. Because of my reduced sleep and my annoyance, I have felt very stroppy today. I like to have a positive outlook and believe that carries me happily through my day. Today I have struggled; at one point, I could hear myself having a moan and stopped halfway through my moan. It dawned on me that I have exaggerated my mood because I have dwelled on the negativity. The fact of the matter is I’m tired, I have a teething baby and three wonderful and active little ladies and a husband that I love dearly and all keep me on my toes! I’m the happiest and luckiest lady in the world.
My photo today is of three flowers that DM, R&P picked from our garden for me, for no other reason than because they wanted too. To keep the flowers forever, I chose to photograph them.

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