2012 · April 2012

We are the cheeky girls ;o) – 22.08.2012

Happy 7th Month Birthday to Ashleigh!! Our littlest lady is 7 months old today and she has cut her first tooth!! Our little cherub is becoming a big cherub very quickly, time really does fly when you’re having fun πŸ˜‰
DM has been to cheer leading camp again today, it was her last session and she has thoroughly enjoyed herself.
DM’s eye has come out with a lovely bruise today πŸ™ To be fair, it’s not as bad as it could be, I’m confident that the Aloe Gelly has reduced the bruising and will encourage her eye to heal quickly.
I’ve had my niece and nephew again today. I’m really enjoying having them both here. They are behaving really well and are very caring and thoughtful towards each other and their cousins. I do feel for Dude, as there is a lot of Princess talk and girly shenanigans!
Ruby and Penny have been very excited to have Dude and Missimo here again. Dude came over to me this afternoon to inform me that Penny had promised him a cuddle but she hadn’t given him a cuddle yet. At that moment, Penny turned and cuddled him, he was very chuffed!
DM has had a friend stay over tonight. They were both very excited and had lots of fun at bath time. Before they fell asleep, we had the typical sleepover talk:
“If we wake up in the middle of the night, can we just play with toys quietly?” –Β No
“If we wake up early and it’s light outside, can we play with toys quietly?” –Β No
“Are we allowed to talk quietly when the lights are out?” –Β No
Bless them, they really did try to do some negotiating and I don’t blame them at all. Being five and having a sleep over is a magical thing for them. They even got to stay up late and watch a DVD with Daddy/Uncle Peach. Allowing them to stay up that little bit later has worked a dream as they fell asleep without any chattering and went to sleep content (I hope).
Peach has been working late again today and got home 15 minutes before dinner was cooked. I was rather impressed with myself for cooking a roast dinner for us all to eat, whilst also entertaining all of the children by myself for most of the time 😊. Ordinarily, Peach cooks dinner whilst I look after the children. Aj’s feed is at 4.30pm, which is the same time that we need to start making dinner!

I’m getting lots of lovely comments from friends about my blogs and I really am very grateful to those of you that take the time to read them. My initial reason for using blogs was so that friends and family from afar could keep up with our daily ongoings. I now use this as a chance to keep a record of my daily happenings and also as a way to put some of my thoughts onΒ “paper”, rather than rattling around in my head.

Thank you for your support!! You inspire me to type more 😊

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