2012 · April 2012

Bouncing Babes – 21.08.2012

We’ve had friends from Sheffield visiting today. It was lovely to see them and catch up. Seems very strange that the same person I saw nearly every day for over four years, I now see every 6 months (or so).
In a hope to chat and catch up, I put the bouncy castle up for the kiddies to play on, but I suppose with 6 kiddies, that’s wishful thinking 😉
Ashleigh is definitely teething; give it a day or so and she’ll have her first tooth. I can see the top of the tooth, it just needs to break through the gum.
Ruby has been on a whining mission today, everything she has wanted to do has been asked with a whinge. Mad thing is, is when I say to her “I’m sorry I don’t understanding whinging, ask nicely and I can help” like a light switch, her voice changes and she asks nicely.
No change with Penny today. And, yes, R&P are in matching trousers, but I managed to convince them to wear different tops 😉
DM, well that’s a different story….. She has a lovely black eye developing 😢 She wanted to open her curtains this morning and as she can’t quite reach them properly, she was holding on to the tie-backs to support herself. As she pulled on the tie-back, the weld broke and the metal rod hit her just under her eyeball 🙁 When wearing her glasses, you wouldn’t be able to tell, but when her glasses are off, she looks like she’s extremely tired with a shadow under her eyes.
She’s definitely ready to go back to school, she’s informed me already that it’s 9 days until school starts. I do hope her new teacher is ready for her!
DM’s desperate for some post of her own. Each day, when we check the post, she’s envious of me always getting all the post. So in light of her wanting to receive post and that I used to love writing to my pen-friend, we’re going to start writing letter’s to family and friends. Hopefully, they’ll start to write letters back to her…
My temper and patience has been very limited today; a mixture of being tired and overdosed with hormones has resulted in a few naughty steps. I often wish I could put myself in the naughty step. Oh, how nice it would be to sit on my own for 34 minutes, reflecting on how I’ve behaved and what I could to to make things right! Yeah right! I’d be lucky to get 3.4 minutes!!! 😉

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