2012 · August 2012

All good fun – 20.08.2012

Today has been completely full on! I’m lying in bed writing this blip and realising that it’s the first time today that I’ve had a moment to myself….
Thankfully Peach has been off work today – not by choice though ๐Ÿ™ – and having him around today has been a great help.
I managed to get three loads of washing hung out before I left forย Twins at Totstime. We had some new faces at our play session today and it seems as though our regulars are still on a high from our party last week :o)
DM had Cheerleading camp this morning and went with her cousin and her four friends from school. She loved it! And because Daddy took her, he got to see what they had learn’t in the lesson at the end of the session.
I have my niece Missimo and nephew Dude staying with me every day (except Tuesday) this week. And today was ……… an experience ……… and a surprisingly pleasant one too!
From 12noon till 6pm we had our four children, our nephew (8 yrs old), our niece (5 yrs old) and our friends daughter (5 yrs old). We all had lunch together and then I let them play together for the afternoon. They played upstairs and downstairs and at one point I thought a hurricane had been through the house! I decided not to worry about it and to just let them be. My nephew got a bit bored of the princess and girl talk, so he went to help Uncle Peach with his car. The girls played dressing up, Barbie, babies and read books. We made an agreement that at 4pm we all tidy up and whoever does the best tidying up can choose a DVD. They were all fantastic! They all helped each other; didn’t complain too much if someone else wasn’t doing as much as the other and generally did a very good job. I’m definitely using that tactic again ;o) At 4.30pm, they all sat down and watched Puss In Boots -picked out by Dude & Missimo, as they were ace at clearing up – all with a special treat of smarties each.
The DVD finished, there was a crazy 20 minutes, but then parents arrived and all went home.
We sat down as a family and enjoyed our dinner, got the girls to bed and then started our usual evening chores!
I’ve been out shopping too tonight, to get the drinks bottles for DM, R&P and new school uniform for DM. I finally got home at 10.20pm, unpacked and came straight to bed!
I’m hoping for a solid night’s sleep, as Aj has been fairly restless today because of her teething :o( ……. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

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