2012 · August 2012

Fun with wheels – 19.08.2012

Today we have been to the Leicester Motor Show. It was held at Leicester Race Course and even better, it was free!!
We had a wonderful day with friends, the girls got to sit in a two seater car/bike thing. And most of the car stands kindly had a display car that was unlocked and open for people to sit in and try out…. The girls loved it!! DM and her friend sat in the front of the car to go to the shops and R&P sat in the front of the car on the way home from the shops R&P had the driving sussed, Penny was steering and Ruby did the gears 😉
There was a small fun-fair there too and the girls went on a couple of rides together.
The Daddy’s had some fun too wandering round looking at expensive cars 😉
The weather has been glorious today and we didn’t want the fun to end at the motor show, so we all piled back to our house and the little ones had a play in the paddling pool and with the garden sprinkler. At one point, we had the slide going into the paddling pool and the girls were well away 😊
When our friends left, I popped out for an hour and came home to find DM, R&P huddled up together on the settee gazing towards the television. I can’t hand on heart say they were watching the television as they were all exhausted. There wasn’t even a “hello” when I sat in front of them to take the photo!
Aj has spent a fair amount of time sitting unaided today and is doing really well. She absolutely loves standing.
Peach’s moment of today was when we were sat at the table eating our dinner and Ruby said “I like motorbikes” whilst shaking her head in a no gesture and frowning slightly. Then followed it up by saying “I like cars whilst nodding her head in a yes gesture and smiling. Peach was really chuffed and gave her a high five!
All in all it’s been a continuous and friendly weekend. We love our time at home as a family and we treasure the time that we share with family and friends. This weekend has been a weekend of both and I’ve loved every minute of it!!

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