2012 · August 2012

Heart on hands – 18.08.2012

I’m slowly but surely recovering from the hectic week it’s been.
This morning I managed to take a trip into Hinckley, by myself! It was lovely being able to pop from shop to shop without stopping, and being able to walk down an aisle without attempting to squeeze a pushchair past people whilst being told you’ve got your hands full.
We had a busy afternoon planned. Our first birthday party was for family friends, whose son was celebrating his 5th birthday. It dawned on Peach and I that we hadn’t seen these friends since their son’s birthday last year! Whilst we may keep in touch through Facebook and the occasionally text, we’ve not actually had a proper catch up for a year 🙁
It was lovely to see Noel, Est & Leon and we are definitely going to see them before Leon’s 6th birthday!!
We had to leave Leon’s party a little early, so that we could get the girls to another party. This one was for another family friend whose daughter was celebrating her 6th birthday!
We arrived 5 minutes late, which for us is very good going 😉. We had to do a quick costume change in the car and then get the girls into their second party of the day. DM went dressed as Jasmine, R was dressed as a pastel pink fairy, P was dressed as a pink Minnie Mouse and Aj was dressed as a bright pink fairy….. In typical Dixon style, there was lots of PINK!
We all had a wonderful time; DM, R&P had a glitter tattoo on the back of their hands. There was lots of running around and when everyone sat down to eat their party food, Penny was practically asleep at the table! A combination of both parties and the heat was a little too much for her.
I can quite confidently say now that after 1 week of no mishaps, Penny is potty trained!!
I have been changing nappies every day since 11th May 2007. The quantity of nappies being changed daily, increased twofold in January 2010 and became copious in January 2012. I can happily say with cheer in my voice….
Yay, only one lot of nappies to do each day now 😁
We got home from the parties, got the girlies to bed, cleaned up and sat down to watch tv and eat our dinner at 8pm! Not bad for a full days work 😉

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