August 2012

Cheeky Cherub – 17.08.2012

My plan worked 😉 I went to bed telling myself that I had to get up early in the morning and the girls all slept in till gone 8am (except DM). It was lovely, I set my alarm for 6.55am and turned it off and had another 15 minutes 😊
I was slightly nervous about getting out of bed this morning, as I wasn’t too sure how my body was going to react to the street dance/Zumba from last night. Fortunately, my body had forgotten about the torture exercise and I felt fine 😊
I took the girls to the pictures this morning. We went with a friend, her daughter and two others. At first I thought Aj was going to be ok, as she was all wide eyed when the film started, but 30 minutes in, she was restless. I also had to take R&P to the toilet half way through the film, whilst Aj was strapped to my chest in her baby carrier! My friend did offer to either take the girls to the toilet or have Aj, but I felt bad accepting the help.
It’s one of my vice’s; in my mind, I chose to have the girls close together in age, I deal with the consequences and accept my responsibilities.
A question/statement that is said to me quite often is “how do you do cope with four?” And to be completely honest, I don’t really know the answer. I just get on with it, this is what I wanted and I don’t want the girls to miss out in anything. So I get up and get on, it’s what I do. Some days are fun, crazy and chaotic, other days are calm, quiet and restful. All in all we smile lots, try to be thoughtful of others and look after each other.
The girls and I had an afternoon round a friends. Penny had a screaming tantrum when it came to going home, her tiredness had kicked in and nothing could calm her. I was hoping the few minutes car journey home would settle her, but instead her screams were more intense in the confined area!! Her tantrum lasted about 30-35 minutes and she finally gave in, put her shoes away and sat to watch television.
Peach had another draining day at work and when we got home he was fast asleep. I gave the girls a quick dinner, bath and bed. Aj, R&P were fast asleep by 7.15pm, DM by 8.15pm 😊
Today’s picture was taken this morning. DM was pulling faces at Aj, who in turn kept giggling at her crazy sister 😉

Oh and a note for the diary….. Aj’s hair is growing finally!! She looked like she had a little Mohican after her Bath tonight 😁

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