2012 · August 2012

Chucks n Ducks – 09.08.2012

This morning Ruby, Penny and Ashleigh stayed with me at Totstime, whilst DM and her friend went off with Auntie Car-Car to see Harvey Horse and feed the “chucks n ducks”.
It was a fairly quiet session this morning, I’m guessing that’s because of the beautiful weather! DM and her friend were returned to us at the end of Totstime. They had a lot of fun feeding the chickens, collecting duck eggs and even had a ride on Harvey! Thank you Carla xx
When the girls got back with Carla, the girls and their friends did a little show on the stage at the club. Ruby & Penny went up too; Ruby was more of the mime artist, whereas Penny quite confidently sang and did the actions to Twinkle Twinkle.
Our afternoon was a relaxed one. Peach was home soon after lunch and together we trimmed the curly whirly tree – being sure not to cut too much off as that’s where Santa leaves his special books for DM!
Penny had an afternoon and evening of going nappy-less and succeeded! She used the big girls toilet once and the potty twice 😁
Ruby fell asleep on the settee whilst watching a DVD.
DM was back at Gymnastics today, she did really well and was a little over-tired afterwards; to the point where she told her chatty friend to “be quiet, I’m trying to relax”. Bless, her friend just wanted to talk and chat, but DM didn’t even have the energy to think!
Ashleigh managed to eat most of her lunch today, yay! She scoffs her breakfast, but I’ve been struggling for a week or so to get her to eat at lunch or dinner. Peach made some carrot & potato purée the other day and thankfully today, she ate it!
Ashleigh has found out that she can roll from her tummy to her back, but not how to get from her back to her tummy. She squeals with giggles for a minute when she rolls and then has a look of “ok, what now?”
The late evening started out with a hint of nuisance from the moped boys on the street near us. They were outside the house at 11.10pm revving the engines and shouting to each other. We had Penny screaming and crying, and DM upset and crying because the noise scared them both. 10 minutes later I heard them back again and they were outside the house but this time a couple of doors down. I couldn’t hold my tongue, I made a note of their plate and fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep 😉

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