July 2012

Rules, made to be broken? – 31.07.2017

We’ve had a slight change to our plans today…..
A friend from Sheffield was planning to visit today with her family, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it; so we’re rearranging for another day 😊
However, I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity and the fact that Peach is off work too and attempt to make a dent in my ironing tower. Peach in the other hand had other plans, that involved his car and other things. We agreed on a compromise; I had till 2pm to do some ironing – he had from 2pm to do his “stuff”.
It’s very hard to watch others carry out what you would normally do and not intervene. Well to be honest, it’s impossible where I am concerned. I’m the girls full time carer, I know there habits, their routines and most of their expectations.
They are good girls and generally play nicely together. They have their moments where they’ll try to push the boundaries with me and with each other, but we have a magnificent naughty step and naughty cupboard for those occasions.
Peach stayed at home with the girls while I was ironing. He kept busy while they were playing and didn’t notice Penny running along the settee’s, he didn’t see Penny pinch Ruby and I found myself having to step in with dealing with their behaviour. That’s nothing about questioning his parenting, it’s more to do with me and my parenting. In hindsight, I should have took the ironing upstairs and stayed out of the way. When he has the girls by himself at other times, he does an amazing job! It comes back to me and being in control…
My Mum popped round with a lovely lunch and some magazines for the girls. I arranged with some friends to come round with their girls this afternoon. A female overload consisting of 4 mums and 10 little ladies. We usually go round to one of the other Mum’s house, and I must say; she makes it look so easy!
Knowing that DM has lots of interesting things in her bedroom, I thought it would be a good idea to have some rules for her bedroom. Hoping this would be a great way for the girls to have freedom in her bedroom, whilst also knowing the boundaries. Peach and DM sat at the computer and DM typed the rules herself, she chose the pictures and together they printed and laminated it.
When her friends arrived, DM told them about her rules and showed them where they were in her bedroom. All the girls played lovely and it was going so well…… Then I’m informed that someone is spraying DM’s water spray in her bedroom and that it is Daisy-May! Oh my word, I couldn’t believe it!! All the girls were being so very good and there’s little Miss Rule Breaker. I was so cross, because she knows better. We’ve had the water spray for months and she knows it’s only to be used on hair. It may sound small in comparison to most things, but I tend to think of consequences and about what R&P will copy.
I waited till everyone had left and then calmly (though slightly strained) informed her to go back into her bedroom, tidy it up and wait for her Daddy to come home.
Peach sat and spoke to her about what had happened and dealt with it perfectly.
Needless to say, it was lovely having the Mummy’s and little ladies round to ours for a change and I’d happily do it again. I take my hat off to Vicki; how she remains so calm and collected every week when we all go to hers is beyond me. Well done Vicki! 😁

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