July 2012

Daddy’s Little Girl – 19.07.2012

I didn’t have the best start to today…..

Ashleigh was unsettled at 11pm & 12am last night (wind), then Penny woke up crying at 12.30am & 1.30am (fell over?!?) and then Ruby was awake crying at 2.30am & 3.30am (hurt her cheek on the mesh of the bed guard!?!?). Needless to say that when my alarm went off this morning, I had a few choice words to say 😉

My sister-in-law Emma, took DM to swimming again for me today and wanted to spend some more time with her & choose to keep hold of her till 3pm. DM had a lovely day at the pictures watching The Muppets and then lunch at Sainsbury’s. She came home singing “We built this city on Rock & Roll”! No sooner had she stepped foot in the house, DM was back off out to Gymnastics!

Ruby, Penny and Ashleigh came with me to Totstime. My fabulous friends kept me stocked up with caffeine and helped with the girls.

I’ve managed to complete a good chunk of ironing today and have every intention of getting it all done by the end of the weekend (one can dream!)

Carla came round for dinner tonight, the doorbell rang, R&P both looked at me; I asked them who they thought it could be and they both said “Auntie Car-Car” got up & ran to the door! It’s lovely to see them excited about seeing family and friends :o)

On several occasions today, I’ve been stopped in my tracks in awe of the wonderful girls Peach & I have created! It really is difficult sometimes to comprehend the little lives we are raising…..

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