Potty Training – 15.06.2012

I took Ruby, Penny and Ashleigh to Mumstop as usual this morning. It was lovely to actually sit down and catch up with my friend Faye for a change.

This week I have been trying to potty train Ruby after the school pick up. She is doing really well and for the first time this week she actually told me that she needed to use the potty. Normally it has been me asking her every so often if she needs to use the potty. I was so happy with her, I have been making a real fuss of her after every time she has used the potty. She seems to be more excited about washing her hands afterwards 😊

I have chosen to potty train R&P separately as Ruby seems more relaxed by the experience and is also very keen to be one of the big girls. Whenever DM is home or we have another child who is older than Ruby at our house, Ruby wants to be doing and saying exactly the same as they are. If the big girls laugh, she will laugh too (even of she doesn’t know why they are laughing). If the big girls are playing in DM’s bedroom, Ruby will be there too. It’s so adorable to watch!

Penny however is a different matter, she only wants the potty; my potty, when Ruby is on it or when Ruby is telling someone about her potty. I have tried to sit Penny on the potty fully dressed with her nappy on and undressed without her nappy, but she screams and runs from it. I do not want her to associate the potty with unhappiness, so I am just leaving Penny to get used to having the potty around at the moment.

Daisy-May has been Miss Social Bunny tonight. She’s come home from school, spent 30 minutes with Nanny Shoe & Grandad Rick and then gone off to have a birthday dinner for one of her friends.

This weekend sees the start of my birthday celebrations and I’m really looking forward to it all 😊