Catch Me! – 14.06.2012

This is Ruby and Penny playing chase with Daisy-May. We got home from school and Daisy-May found her stick by the back door. She wasn’t quite ready to come in to the house yet and so decided to run around Peach’s car. It was so funny to watch them, as Ruby and Penny were running in clockwise round the car shouting cat me to DM and DMwas running round the car anti-clockwise shouting catch me to R&P. They kept bumping into each other and DM would explain to R&P that they need to go the other way, but they carried on. At one point DM changed her direction so that they did not bump into each other, but R&P had different ideas and changed their direction too. I sat watching them with Ashleigh and giggling as they’d catch each other 😊

Precious Penny is poorly again. She spent this morning attached to me at Totstime. She was in constant need of cuddles and was whining with each breathe. I called the doctors and yet again she’s been put on antibiotics with another ear infection. We have got to go back in a weeks time for a review and hopefully we can get her seen by an ENT specialist.

Mind you getting an appointment for next week is proving a mission. When the doctor called to confirm Penny’s medication etc, he told me to make an appointment in a weeks time with the receptionist. I went to collect Penny’s prescription and asked to make an appointment as per the doctors instructions. However, there are no appointments available for Wed, Thurs, Fri of next week or Mon of the following week. I was then told that I’m going to have to call next week on the morning of the day I need the appointment for, ask for a doctor to call me and then wait for the doctor to call me me back so that they can then book me in on the day, what a joke!!