Journey of childhood – 13.06.2012

“The journey of childhood may seem long.
The path of growing up gathers momentum every year.
We know that adulthood brings the ups and downs of life.
Make the moments with children count for we can always be busy and their childhood is gone”
Easy Peasy Kids

Today I watched my friend play with Ruby, Penny and Ashleigh in the garden. I watched them pointing in the sky and then waving at the aeroplane flying high. This is something that I have always encouraged with small children look there’s an aeroplane, wave to people on the aeroplane – where do you think they are going?. I have never questioned myself for doing that, as an adult I know that they can’t see me waving, so why do it? 😊

Daisy-May has had me chuckling tonight. She was going to the toilet and was in a bit of pain. When trying to go to the toilet this was our conversation…
DM: My tummy doesn’t deserve this
Me: what doesn’t your tummy deserve?
DM: this poo, I think I’m allergic to it
Me: what does allergic mean DM?
DM it means that you don’t like it pause I’m allergic to everything. pause except my family pause and people long pause oh and snails, but I am allergic to bugs!

Bless her!! The mind of a 5 year old 😊

I’m trying to start Ruby on potty training. I’m allowing her to go the afternoon without a nappy. She managed really well today (considering it’s her first time of going longer than an hour without her nappy). We only had one accident and that was as we were going upstairs for bath-time.

I’m still suffering slightly from a bruised wrist and backside from Ice-skating the week before last and to make matters worse, I have managed to fall down the stairs today😢 Only three steps, but still it hurt and I managed to scrape my watch strap against my wrist.

I have had an evening treat of visiting a good friend. I haven’t seen Kanga for a long time and every time I see her, it’s like I only saw her yesterday. The updates of what’s been going on in our lives though tells me it’s been a while since we last saw each other 😉