Shannigans …. 11.06.2012

Do you notice anything special about the collection of clothes in the photo?

Well that is all of the clothes that Ruby kindly took out of her wardrobe, took off the hangers and then tried each and every one of them on. This at the time that she was meant to be in bed fast asleep!

Ruby and Penny share a bedroom, they each have their own bed and sleep next to each other. They both still have an afternoon nap for an hour and a half, but we have to be sure they are up by 2.15pm to ensure that they’ll be tired by bedtime.

As you can see tonight was one of those nights when one or both of them was not tired. Having two children that are exactly the same age often presents it’s challenges, bedtime can sometimes be one of them! Tonight when I put them to bed, I noticed that they were a little playful so I made the decision to sit with them in the hope that my presence would stop them from playing and go to sleep, yeah right!!

I sat with them both for 45 minutes, they laid in their beds just resting with only a couple of attempts at playing with each other. In the end I chose to come downstairs to get my evening chores done. I could hear footsteps in their bedroom after only 5 minutes. I went in, took the books out of their beds, tucked them in (not making any eye contact or talking to them), switched their music on and walked out. After repeating that a further two times, I chose to leave them to it. 20 minutes later, finally there was no more noise or footsteps. And this is the pile of clothes I found in Ruby’s bed with her lying naked beside them! It’ll be no surprise if she’s grumpy tomorrow.