Meet Auntie CarCar – 06.06.2012

Wednesday night is Auntie CarCar night. It started out that we wanted Peach’s sister, Carla, to join us once a night for a home cooked meal; then DM came along. A little niece for Carla to love, cherish and spoil.

Carla adopted the name Auntie CarCar – previously used with other, now older family members.

Then along came another two little ladies, Ruby & Penny. All of a sudden, the extra pair of hands were extremely helpful!!

Over the years Carla has been wee’d on, puked on, and soaked. She’s been a horse, a donkey, a story teller; her hair has been styled in many ways by a budding hairdresser and she’s been the audience of many shows!

Tonight, Auntie CarCar has been a horse tied (with the strap off her top) to the stable (DM’s bed), with some hay (box of tissues) to eat. She’s been fleeced by two terriers of her watch and as seen in the picture here, her belt was next!!

The girls absolutely love their Auntie CarCar, as do we – as long as she stays away from my chocolate ;o).

Carla is a great help to us and a perfect Auntie to our daughters.

Thank you Carla xxx