Twins at Totstime Jubilee Special – 04.06.2012

Twins at Totstime had a wonderful Jubilee Play session today. The children (& adults) all seemed to enjoy the face painting and the bouncy castle. I managed to do some baking yesterday (Sunday’s Best) in preparation of the party and my Mum made two delicious cakes too!

With thanks to Peach, Leah, my Mum and Pete, DM, R&P all had the chance to make and decorate a crown and make a windmill.
I really enjoy being a part of Twins at Totstime. The families I have met through the group are great! Twin Mum’s really are a different breed of Mum’s. In my experience, I have found that Twin Mum’s are a lot less judging of people; they are thoughtful and helpful, caring and kind – and sometimes a little crazy 😉

To me, being a Twin Mum is a privilege and “two-riffic”.

The friends I have made through having each of my children, are precious to me.