Sunday’s best – 03.06.2012

My mission today has been to bake cakes for the Twins at Totstime Jubilee Party tomorrow.

So today I’ve made Lemon Drizzle Cake and Union Jack Cupcakes.

Fortunately, with a huge thanks to my Step-Dad, I was able to do the baking without the stress of my ironing; as he had taken the most of it and ironed it for me 😁

Leah took DM to a birthday party, Peach took R&P into town for an hour and AJ had a good sleep. I absolutely love my family, my husband and our girls are what I live and breathe for. It was nice being able to start something and finish it without interruptions.

To complete the day, we’ve spent the evening with some fabulous friends. We’ve known the Grewcock Family for years, in that time we’ve shared love, laughter and tears. We’ve stood side by side of each other and picked the other one up when we’ve had a fall. I love them dearly.