Parents night out – 01.06.2012

Today is the first day of the Summer Half Term.

DM, R&P spent the morning playing in the back garden. I made a slight mistake by telling DM that Auntie Emma, Joseph & Elizabeth were coming round today. I hadn’t told her what time, so for an hour, I had DM, R&P at the back garden gate shouting for Auntie Emma. It didn’t matter how many times I told them that she wasn’t coming just yet, they continued to call for her.

I took Penny to the Dentist this afternoon, fortunately Leah came with me so I left her in the car with DM, R & AJ. Penny was such a good girl (and yes I say that with surprise in my tone). We sat together on the dentists chair and she showed him her teeth. He’s confident that she hasn’t done any damage and will not affect her adult teeth –phew!

I had my friends daughter for an hour this afternoon and we took a lovely walk to feed the ducks. The girls were all fantastic, but the ducks just didn’t want feeding.

Tonight we’ve been out with some friends. At school, DM is part of a girlie clique, the friendship they have is fantastic to watch; and to make things even better, the five sets of parents, have made a friendship too. Here in the photo is a picture of three sets of those parents on the ice. Oh my word what a laugh we had!! Peach was very excited about going on the ice and secretly I think we all wanted him to be the one who fell over ;o) As it was, it was me that fell flat on my backside…. twice!!! As expected Peach picked it up really quickly and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Ali wasn’t so confident, but managed to go round the rink 2 3/4 times (toghtly holding on to the sides). Chris started off a bit shaky but soon picked it up and did several laps without holding on to the sides. Alan loved showing off his turning techniques (whilst still clutching to the sides) and managed to do a few laps around the edges. Vicki was the dark horse…. she was amazing! She stepped on the ice and was away, she helped me round once or twice. Vicki even managed to ice-skate backwards – she definitely deserves her Ice-Skating medal 😉

After ice-skating we went for some cocktails and munchies at TGI Friday’s. It was a fabulous evening with some great friends! And some much needed adult time 😊