Fun in the sun with Auntie Leah – 29.05.2012

I am absolutely loving this weather. It makes the 3 mile walk to and from school, a beautiful one.

Ruby and Penny aren’t coping too well in this weather though, they both seem extremely tired. Penny has had prickly heat again all day πŸ™

After the school run, I went out for a drive to pick up my niece Leah and to pick up some fabulous homemade candles. I was in the car for just over an hour and all three little girlies were fast asleep!! I think the only reason that Leah didn’t join in on the sleep-a-thon was because of the loud snoring from little Miss Ruby! πŸ˜‰

Having Leah with me today has been fantastic. She has been able to play with the three little ones, while I have started to attack the ironing pile and get some washing done. I do sometimes get an hour here or there where I could do some ironing, but by the time I’m all set up to do some ironing, more often than not one of our beauties will need my attention.

Leah is fantastic with all of our girls. I have know Leah since birth. I went to school with her Mum and we have remained friends since. Leah is an absolute credit to her Mum. They have had their ups and their downs, but they have pulled through them and now have a wonderful family unit. It is nice to see Leah building a relationship with our girls similar to the one that I have with her. She is an amazing help to us all, very caring and considerate and we love her immensely.

My lasting moment of Leah today, will be her playing football with Penny, whilst holding Ashleigh (Ruby was sulking in bed). I could hear Leah talking to Penny and every time Leah kicked the ball I could also hear a little giggle from Ashleigh. It was beautiful 😊