Peepo! – 27.05.2012

You provide your children with a room full of bright and colourful toys and yet they find used toilet rolls more fun!!

We had a nice casual morning today. We took the girls to Fosse Park to have their feet measured and buy them all some casual sandals. DM, R&P picked their own sandals, but R&P were slightly confused that their sandals didn’t squeak 😉

Our girls were all invited to a friends 5th Birthday Party and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. DM went dressed as Jasmine – and looked absolutely beautiful! Ruby was dressed as Snow White, Penny was a Fairy and AJ had a Cinderella Princess dress.

Precious Penny has now come out in prickly heat :o(. I really do feel for her, she is suffering with her poorlyness at the moment and is constantly being plied with medicine after medicine.

Peach and I were invited to a friends house this evening, for a meal and some adult chat. My mum had the girls and our niece came over to stay too.

We had an absolutely wonderful evening, lots of chat, giggles and extremely delicious food. It was nice to sit and eat a meal as adults and not parents. We’ve made some good friends there and hope to build a great friendship.

And to top the day off, we got home to find our lounge tidy, washing in & another lot out, and…. the girls toy room was spotless!! Apparently, our niece was bored! 😊.