Village Carnival – 26.05.2012

Today was our village carnival. This is the first one that Ruby, Penny and Ashleigh have been too.

My Mum always took us to the carnival when we were young, I was on many different floats in my childhood.

Daisy-May is yet to be on a float, unfortunately she missed out on it last year as we were on holiday and isn’t involved in any of the children’s clubs in the village at the moment.

As the procession passes our house, we arranged for DM’s friends to meet at our house and watch the procession together. They all really enjoyed it and loved all of the different outfits.

As you can see in the photograph, Daisy-May and Ruby have both had some face-painting done. Daisy-May loves to have her face painted, Ruby however, likes the idea of having it done, but is and was extremely apprehensive about the reality of having someone else draw on her face. In the end, she sat still watching herself in the mirror as the lady painted the flowers on her face. Penny was not in the slightest bit interested in having her face painted!

We took DM, Ruby & Penny on the train ride and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Penny was not so impressed with getting off the train however!

We got home from the Carnival and Ruby & Penny both had a minor meltdown. The heat, the excitement and the tiredness, had all been a bit too much for them.

Penny is feeling a bit better than yesterday, I can certainly tell when she is due her medicine 😉

Because of the heat, when we got home I chose to let Ruby go without her nappy for a while. We brought the potty down and tried to encourage her to get familiar with it. At first she wasn’t so keen, but she soon relaxed and ventured over to it. We were all sat watching TV, when all of a sudden, she got herself off the settee and went over to the potty. She did it, she actually went to the toilet!! We were all really happy for her and she was more excited about going to wash her hands afterwards!! To celebrate the moment, we put some big girl pants on her, she was very chuffed!!

Ashleigh is still suffering with her reflux. The doctor has prescribed her with some different medication and I decided to start her on it today. First impressions this morning, was no real significant changes. As the day went on, I noticed that there was less sick. Tonight however has broke me :o( I gave Ashleigh her last feed and she was shattered. I winded her and put her to bed; she seemed to go down well, but 5 minutes later and for the next hour and a half, I was in and out of her bedroom winding her. She looked like she was squirming in pain, it was awful and really upsetting for me and her. I think I am just going to have to stop all medication but the gaviscon and cope with the sick :o( She doesn’t seem upset by the sick – that’s more me. I don’t want her to be in pain too. There is only another six or seven weeks and we’ll start to wean her; that in itself will help to resolve the reflux.