Disco, disco, disco – 25.05.2012

Today was Daisy-May’s School Disco; this is DM and one of her friends from school.

The theme for the evening was Red, White and Blue. With a HUGE Thanks to my Mum, DM had a beautiful dress to wear.

The day didn’t start off too well today. I went in to get Ruby and Penny up, and Penny’s top half felt as though she was a radiator! I took her temperature and in one ear it was 38.6 and the other was 37.9. I managed to get Penny in to see a Doctor and they confirmed what I had expected…. An ear infection!! Precious Penny has suffered with ear infections for a long time, more often than not, you can tell when she has got one by the redness around her eyes. By the time we got to the doctors, her temperature was 39.5!! So she’s now on a course of antibiotics, calpol and nurofen.

When Penny is this poorly, all she wants to do is cuddle Mummy or sleep – both while sucking her finger and twisting her hair.
I do love snuggles and holding onto our girls, and when they’re poorly, I just want to lay on the settee with them and make everything alright.

However, I still have Ruby and Ashleigh to care for too (DM’s at school). I also have a home that is slowly becoming more and more overrun by clothes, toys and general mess. I am constantly feeling embarrassed and ashamed of the state of my house. I know and appreciate that those visiting our house are often visiting us and not inspecting our home, but it bothers me. This is something that I have got to overcome and I know that I will….. In time.

When I picked DM up from school today, she was extremely excited to be having a friend round to get ready for the disco together. DM made me chuckle on the way home; this was our conversation….

DM: Mummy, you know last week when you weren’t at my other school disco?
Me: Yes Daisy-May
DM: You didn’t help out and I buyed lots of sweeties
Me: You did, didn’t you?
DM: Yes, and I ate them ALL
Me: Yes, and Mummy is helping this time, isn’t she?
DM: Yes, so I won’t be allowed lots of sweeties this time, will I?

Cheeky little madam! She did make me smile! It made me laugh how she had already thought her evening through and was thinking about her sweets 😊

As it was, she bought some sweets and still had money left. She looked as though she enjoyed herself and was very tired when she got home.