Today’s story is …. 20.05.2012

As I went to have my shower this morning, I noticed Daisy-May shutting her bedroom door (she normally keeps it open in the morning to let Myla in).
I just had to have a peak and apparently I was interrupting her classroom. Daisy-May had set out all of her Teddy’s and was reading them a story. She had already called the register and had made the weather chart!
Daisy-May and I had a lovely trip to town today with Nanny Shoe. DM spent her birthday money and bought Izzy (Build-A-Bear) a new wardrobe and a Little Mermaid outfit. Nanny Shoe treated Izzy to some jazzy trainers and some roller-skates!
Peach has been suffering a hangover today – not as young and able to handle his vodka as he used to be ;o). So as you can imagine, R&P were really good for him while we were out, yes, that’s because he put the television on and they were glued to it!! Apparently it wasn’t just children’s rubbish it was educational as well, Man v Food. *Roll of the eyes!*