Twinkle Twinkle ……. 19.05.2012

I love singing nursery rhymes with our girls. Daisy-May likes Twinkle Twinkle, Ruby likes The Wheels on the Bus, Penny likes Wind the Bobbin Up, and Ashleigh likes being sung to.
I love watching Ruby and Penny acting out Row, Row Your Boat, as they know to sit together and do the actions; sometimes they’ll even attempt to do the actions across the table to each other.
Today Daisy-May’s had her usual morning of ballet. Peach was meant to be working for the day, but his van broke down yesterday afternoon and he’s ended up having to get his good friend (who’s a mechanic) to look at the van & then he’s had to pick up a replacement part.
When DM got back from ballet, the girls and I went out for the afternoon. We met up with a friend and her children and had a lovely couple of hours playtime for the kiddies whilst Mummy’s had coffee and chat.
For the past two days, R & P have missed their afternoon nap, this has resulted in two very tired toddlers one of which gets teary and emotional – the other gets crazy and loud. I’ll leave you to guess which is which 😉