I’ll be there for you …. – 17.05.2012

I care about those who are in my life; friends and family. I have “blood family” and “non-blood family”.
My husband and our daughters are extremely important to me; they are my reason for living, loving and laughing!!
I’d like to think that if any one of my family or friends were having a tough time, they could turn to me.
I must admit over the past year or two a lot of my time is spent caring for our four children (5y, 2y, 2y & 4m). In turn this has created a need for me to “diarise” time with friends.
Times are hard for a lot of people at the mo, I know this; we all have commitments, responsibilities and financial worries.
Like a lot of families, my husband is the only earner in our house. He’s out of the house at 5am and can sometimes be home at 2pm and sometimes it’s 5pm.
Our children are our responsibility and our priority; their welfare and needs must come first.
I love the time I spend with my friends; a lot of my friends have children too. Watching the children all play together is magical. I also have friends without children and I love my adult only time with them.
As a Mum, I’m often referred to as having Baby Brain; I don’t have Baby Brain, I have a mind that has today’s plans for myself, my husband, DM, R&P and then of-course AJ. It also has the plans for tomorrow, next week and sometimes even next month!
So to those I know and love, please forgive me if I don’t call or text every day to see how you are. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think about you or that I don’t care, because I do think and care about you. I think about you a lot of the time, there are moments in my day where something will happen and it’ll remind me of you. At that moment, I’ll smile and I know my life is great because you are a part of it. xxxx