Pink Stinks! ;o) – 14.05.2012

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I was adamant that our daughter would not be a “pink” girl. If friends or family offered to buy clothes or toys for our new arrival I’d ask them kindly if they’d find something that wasn’t pink. This often proved difficult, but not impossible. I remember my best friend desperately wanting to sneak pink things in the pile of goodies for our new arrival, as that’s her favourite colour. (my best friend & I are complete opposites – that’s why we fit together so well)
When our beautiful girl was born, I would try my hardest to dress her in very little pink. As she grew older, I’d buy personalised tops in various colours – other than pink! I even tried to brain-wash her into saying her favourite colour was yellow!
However, that new arrival is now 5 and she loves everything PINK and purple!! She couldn’t be more girlie pink herself if she tried!!
Now, having four girls, I cannot get away from pink!! I have decided to surrender to the colour pink! As such, this is my washing line today. I usually do between 4 and 5 pink washes a week – there’s just no getting away from it! 😉