Previous teddies need not apply – 05.05.2012

It will very soon be Daisy-May’s 5th Birthday. As a special treat to Daisy-May, my niece wanted to take DM shopping for the afternoon; in particular to The Build A Bear Factory.
DM left for ballet this morning, none-the-wiser about her plans for the afternoon. My niece has been planning this day for over a month, she had organised everything! Her Mum (Auntie Sarah) arrived to pick them both up and take them shopping. All DM was told, was that she was going in to town with Auntie Leah & Auntie Sarah for the afternoon.
DM got home just after five, and oh my word!!! I don’t know which was bigger…. Daisy-May’s Smile or the bag carrying her new presents!!
Auntie Leah & Auntie Sarah had took DM to McDonalds, treated her to a Build a Bear Experience and allowed her to pick loads of co-ordinating outfits (including a swimsuit and towel ready for DM’s party) and treated her to some sweets.
Daisy-May was so very excited to tell me every step of making her teddy bear real.
As you can see, Daisy-May has chosen “Izzy” to snuggle up with tonight and has informed me that she will be snuggling Izzy forever and ever!
Thank You Sarah & Leah xx❤xx