New Do’s – 04.05.2012

I took all four girlies (and myself) for a haircut today.
Daisy-May was first, she’s a definite little wriggle bum! Every time the hairdresser tried to trim the back of DM’s hair, DM was either swinging her legs or wriggling her head. The hairdresser remained professional throughout and did a wonderful job. Daisy-May’s our own beautiful Rapunzel.
Ruby was absolutely chuffed to be having her haircut. When we’ve took her with us before, the hairdresser has had to pretend to cut Ruby’s hair as it’s not been long enough to attempt to cut. I did have a little moment to myself when the hairdresser cut off the lovely curl that Ruby had at the back of her neck. Ruby sat beautifully still and was a dream.
Penny……. Well, where do I start? I love Penny’s curls; the only thing that bothers me is the craziness of her hair. Penny loves to have a bobble or hair grip in her hair, but also loves to take them out 10 minutes after they’ve been put in! She plays with her hair when she’s sucking her finger and her “fringe” is always in her eyes. My hairdresser & I finally agreed on a decent fringe for Penny. Penny loved having her haircut and sat perfectly.
Ashleigh obviously doesn’t need a haircut just yet, but as she came with us, I thought it only fair to include her in the collage 😊