Today’s First – 03.05.2012

I have noticed that having twins, I am experiencing a lot of “Firsts” in life.

This is my first experience of having twins, my first time of having to feed two babies their milk at the same time, my first time of having to bath two babies together, my first time of having a toddler and a baby (or two) and today…….

The first time I have ever had to retrieve a sultana from the nostril of a child!!

Yes, today I was happily eating my lunch with Ruby & Penny, when Penny started complaining about her nose hurting. I assumed that she mean’t her nose was hurting from wiping it so much. When I put her to bed, I noticed something at the back of Penny’s nostril. I was extremely shocked to find out it was a sultana. I had sat with Ruby & Penny during lunch and did not see her putting a sultana anywhere but her mouth!

Lil’ Madam! She certainly keeps me on my toes 😉