Accidents will happen – 31.05.2012

Last night Penny decided to introduce her mouth to a door frame :o( She split her lip
slightly and her top gum was bleeding. At the time that was all we could notice. However this morning, when brushing her teeth, I have noticed that she has knocked one of her front teeth. She’s not complaining of it hurting, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we’re off to the dentist tomorrow.

Yesterday was a day of accidents…. On the way to school DM went flying over the handle bars of her scooter :o( It was horrible to watch and the first thing she said when she got up off the ground was “I don’t want to go to school”. It wasn’t the first time yesterday that she had said this, she had also said it when she was getting ready for school. It is unusual for her to say this as she loves school. We sat together on the pavement having a cuddle and clearing up her wounds; she had a graze to her chin and slight scratches on her cheek. We talked about why she was saying about not wanting to go to school; there was no reason other than she was tired and upset, so I’m putting it down to the end of term blues.

It was Daisy-May’s last day of term today and the dress code for the day was red, white & blue. DM went to school in her party dress from the jubilee disco. Disco, Disco, Disco

I had so many intentions today, a good friend had DM after school today and took DM to her gymnastics class; so that I had some extra time to get things done. I’m sure my children are conspiring against me however, as I ended up being entertained and kept busy by them 😉