Time flies when you’re having fun – 28.04.2012

What were you doing 16 years ago today?

I know what I was doing…..

I was 17 years old, I lived at home with my Mum and my 15 year old brother. In the week I was studying for my NNEB at Southfields College and worked as a chef at The Stoney Cove. During the weekends I worked at the village newsagents; The Mercury News.

I looked forward to my shifts at the Mercury News, because there was a lad that came into the shop most weekends to buy an Auto Trader and 20 Embassy. He wore a cap, baggy jeans,a hoodie and he had a really nice smile.

I had told my Mum and my friends about this really nice lad that had been in the shop a few times recently. I was very shy about approaching lads that I fancied. My Mum and her friend had suggested a few rude one liners, but there was no way I had the confidence to say any of them to him.

Well on this particular Sunday shift, if he came into the shop, I was going to say something….

At about 3.30pm the shop was quiet and I saw his Red Mk 2 Astra pull up outside. My heart felt like it was skipping a beat, I felt so excited and nervous. He walked in and said Hi, went over to pick up an Auto Trader, then he came to the till and asked for his cigarettes. I handed him his cigarettes and said That’ll be £4.61 and what’s your name?

16 years ago today, I made a life long friend; someone who I want to be with every day for the rest of my life.

Together we’re having an amazing journey, and the best is yet to come ……..