Those that matter – 27.04.2012

What a week!!

I’ve found myself surviving on very little sleep this week. I’ve been very unsettled since the whole saga on Monday and in turn I think that this has reflected on our girlies. For the past two nights the three youngest have woke in the night (all at different times).

Today is the turn around day though. My husband and our girls are those that matter to me most. As long as we’re together, we can accomplish anything.

I’m extremely fortunate to have such a loving, caring, and character filled family. The family and friends that I have are amazing. The support and comments I have received this week are overwhelming.

I have learn’t a lot about myself; I do like to please everyone, I will help anyone and everyone that I can and I stand true to those I love. I’m also used as a target for those who are weak.

I will continue to learn, live and love xxx