Cashing it in …. 23.04.2012

I’d like to cash in as many of the free hugs I can get today.
I can stand most things; I carry on regardless with a smile on my face. But today I’ve had my lot and I’m beat! 😢
My Dad lives in America. He moved there in 2006 to be with his now wife. I miss him dreadfully, we talk as often as we can on Skype. One small thing every day reminds me of him; polishing shoes (yesterday’s post), trimming hedges in the garden, the slam of a car door, an empty plate after dinner.
So to get a text out of the blue from my auntie, saying
“Maybe yourselves will think of visiting your dad as he cant himself keep coming over. It costs for everyone!! …… Life is not a one way street for some and everyone else spares time and their hard earned money on other people. If u really wanted to! You would put your spare time and money that u spend. On other people like the rest of us have had to do.”
This absolutely broke my heart, I sat and sobbed. I called my Dad and fortunately we speak regularly, he knows what’s going on in our lives and he appreciated our circumstances. Peach is the only bread winner in our household, he is self-employed and we have four young children. We have looked into going to visit my Dad and his wife in Kansas, but we’d need at least £3,000 for flights! It’s cheaper for us to pay for them to come to the UK.
My Dad could hear how upset I was and we ended up having a Skype chat when DM was home from school. It was lovely watching the girls get all giddy and excited about chatting to Grandad Rave.
After speaking to my Dad and another Auntie, I’m taking it that my Auntie is having an off day and taking it out on me. I’m not sure why I’m bearing the brunt of it, but as it stands; if I reply to her message I feel emotions will get out of hand.
A few cuddles and kisses with Peach and my girls, will make tomorrow a rosy day 😊