Sunday chores – 22.04.2012

This year we’ve introduced a Sunday tradition. We have our evening dinner at lunchtime and then have a supper of an evening. The idea is so that the main bulk of washing up etc is done during the day; then of an evening our Sunday chores are reduced and maybe, just maybe, Peach and I get to sit down a little earlier than normal.

Daisy-May seems to have taken to our Sunday supper really well; she gets quite excited about our family time together.

Amongst our usual jobs to be done, I have an added one on a Sunday and that is to polish DM’s school shoes.

This is one of jobs that I take great pleasure in doing for a few reasons:

1. It helps to preserve her shoes
2. DM looks very smart on a Monday Morning in her clean pressed school uniform and shiny shoes
3. The action of cleaning her shoes and the smell of the polish reminds me of my Dad.

I have fond memories of my Dad cleaning my school shoes as a young child and also memories of my Dad polishing his army boots.
Polishing DM’s shoes always makes me feel that little bit closer to my Dad – even if he is 1000’s of miles away.