Take me as I am – 21.04.2012

Yay!! Auntie George is here!!

The other half of me is here 😊 That is one way I can best describe Georgina. She is everything I’m not; that is why we are soul sisters. There is no pretense, no jibber jabber, no nonsense.

Georgina & I have known each other since we were 14. We became the best of friends when we were 17. We know practically everything there is to know about each other.

Georgina moved away to London in 2007, it broke my heart; but I knew it was something she needed to do. We continued to speak to each other regularly, and visit one another as much as possible.

Georgina is an important part of our family; my husband has often said he has two wives 😉. Our girls absolutely adore her and I feel complete with her around.

Like any good friendship, we’ve had our moments, melt-downs and great memories. We can be completely honest with each other; even if sometimes that’s saying or hearing something you’d ordinarily avoid.

I love her dearly and am proud to call her my sister xxx