Cheeky Chops – 19.04.2012

This was the cheeky chops I was greeted with today, when I went to get Ruby & Penny up from their afternoon nap.
I’m sure when I put them to bed for their nap, Penny was in one bed & Ruby was in another. Yet as seen in this picture, Penny was tucked up with Ruby in Ruby’s bed!!
Looking at this picture I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that they’ve been upsetting each other and me all day.
Ruby has got two teeth marks on her nose, where Penny bit her while they were on the seesaw; and Penny was pinned to a corner by Ruby this afternoon, because Ruby wanted to be closer to me.
We’ve also had fun this evening making dinner together. I remember letting Daisy-May help cook dinner when she was their age. She was keen to help, wanted to eat everything we were making and was interested in all that she couldn’t quite reach. It’s so very different with two little helpers!! With one, you say ‘no, not in your mouth‘ – they stop for a moment and they try it again, but more often than not, a ‘look’ will suffice and they’re back to helping. With two, you say no to one while the others being good, then they switch!
We managed to get them tucked up into their own beds this evening at a good time; however an hour later after hearing a bit of chatter, we checked & they were both lying in Penny’s bed.
We think it’s Ruby needing to be near someone, so tomorrow we’re going to try a Teddy Bear for her to snuggle 😊