A Ray of Hope – 18.04.2012

Today has been quite an emotional day.

A family friend suddenly passed away recently. My relationship with her was more of a ‘friend of’, as her sister is my dear friend. She will be remembered as a lovely lady, very caring, thoughtful and kind. Her family have always been an important part of her life.

The service was beautiful, the readings were moving and the attendance showed how many people hold her in high regard.

I found myself getting quite upset during the day, thinking about the family left behind; parents having to say goodbye to their daughter; brother & sister saying goodbye to their big sister; husband giving his last kiss to his wife; children saying their last goodnight to their mummy.

Some people say that my husband and I are ‘Soppy‘ because at the end of every phone call we say “I Love You”.

I took this photograph outside of the church after the service. I thought it very apt as the sun appeared to be trying to break through the rain clouds. It showed me that amongst the dark and gloomy times, when you’re feeling damp and down; look up and you’ll find a ray of sunshine fighting hard to push through and shine on you…..

R.I.P.Shell xxxxx