Keeping it real – 16.04.2012

This week is Real Nappy Week.
I used real nappies on our first daughter from birth, and have continued to use them on our twins and our newborn.
My preference are Motherease Nappies.
The initial outlay for real nappies is quite expensive. However, considering that I am now on my fourth use of the same nappies, I can certainly say I’ve had my money back and more!
I chose to use real nappies as I was informed that ‘the time it takes for one disposable nappy to biodegrade – the child that wore the nappy will be a grand-parent’
It’s all personal choice, some people prefer to use disposables, some people prefer to use reusables. There are also those that aren’t aware of the options available with reusables.
I absolutely love seeing our nappies blowing in the wind on the washing line.