History repeating …. 15.04.2012

Life leads us down new paths and takes us on many journeys, some make us happy, some leave us sad. We meet many people throughout our lives, each giving us a moment to remember.
This is my moment today…
Daisy-May was invited to her friend Luca’s 5th Birthday. Daisy-May has known Luca since they were both 1. I, however, have known Luca’s Mum since we were 4!
Janet (Luca’s Mum) and I went to Primary School together. Our birthday’s are two days apart. We lost touch with each other after Secondary School. Fortunately we share a really good friend; who got us back in touch with each other.
It makes me smile that we have children who are the same age. It makes me smile that I have her back in my life. Being around Janet reminds me of my childhood; I was poorly one day when I was visiting her house. Her Mum sat us on the settee with blankets, a plate of honey and we sat and watched Grease.
My hope is that Daisy-May and Luca can remain friends and watch History Repeating……

Live, Love, Laugh xxx