Sisters – 12.04.2012

Our girls are very loving, caring and happy. They all have their minor meltdowns and I’m sure that we have lots of tantrums yet to come.
As it’s the school holiday’s I’ve had all four girlies at home with me. Last week we were on holiday, but this week has been a week at home.
Watching the girls play has been lovely. Ruby is becoming a mini Daisy-May. There’s been lots of role play with the two of them, often it’s Daisy-May being the Mum and Ruby being her “kid”. Ruby has become Daisy-May’s little shadow, mimicking everything Daisy-May does.
Penny on the other hand has kept herself to herself. Sometimes playing with DM & Ruby, however she has preferred to play with the “left over toys” of DM & Ruby (the ones they were playing with 5 minutes ago). Daisy-May has tried to involve Penny, but Penny has had none of it.
That is why I love this photo. Penny often pushes Daisy-May away whenever DM wants to share affection with Penny. Yet today Daisy-May was happily playing when Penny decided to snuggle up beside her & start playing with DM’s hair. It really was a lovely moment.
I truly to hope that their love for each other grows. No doubt there will be times that they’ll be fussing over each other’s clothes and make-up, but what will really matter is that we are family and our love is strong. 😊