A Goofy Surprise – 01.04.2012

We brought the girls to Disneyland Paris. We’ve chosen to stay in The Davy Crockett Ranch as we can make it our home from home.
We arrived early this morning and couldn’t get in our cabin till later this afternoon. We got the girls dressed in the car before taking them to visit the park for a couple of hours.
As Peach & I had been on the road since midnight last night, we’re both a little tired and brought the family back to the cabin for an early tea.
Peach & I were unpacking, while the girlies were getting familiar with their new home for the next few nights. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door; to our surprise it was Goofy!!
Penny seemed excited the most (he’s her favourite character). Daisy-May was a little shy at first, but when she saw Penny give him a kiss, she soon joined in the fun. Ruby, as you can see by the photo, was less impressed. It was like she knew who he was, she knew he was friendly but was happy watching from a distance.
This was definitely one of the holiday moments that we’ll keep forever and will always make us smile 😊